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5 Steps to Rebuild Your Finances

How to bounce back after taking a financial hit.   If you find yourself barely able to make ends meet, or are struggling with mounting debt, you may be wondering if it’s possible to turn

The Secret to More Financial Freedom

Reducing debt remains one of the quickest ways to experience more financial freedom.   Making more money, and spending less, are important goals. However, paying off debt is the real secret to financial freedom. Adapting

The Power of Compound Interest

“The effects of compounding even moderate returns over many years are compelling, if not downright mind boggling" -Seth Klarman, American billionaire investor, hedge fund manager, and author If you have little to no money in

4 Tips to Position Yourself as “Essential” and Get a Raise

Prove how essential you are through hard work and a great attitude, and get a raise too!    It’s only natural to expect your boss to notice all of your hard work. You’ve been meeting

Work – Life Balance for Female Entrepreneurs

Read my featured article in! Here's a sneak peek... Many women have turned to entrepreneurship in order to escape the pressures and stress associated with a traditional career, but coupled with domestic responsibilities it can

The Winning Mindset of the Female Entrepreneur

Check out my featured article on It’s true that female entrepreneurs are well acquainted with hard work and dedication. They’re also no strangers to initiative, taking advantage of opportunities, or great ideas. While all of

Creating a Positive Money Mindset

Check out my article featured on! Have you ever wondered why some people are successful with money, but others struggle with it? There can be many reasons, but it all boils down to this:

In Demand Side Hustles During the Pandemic

Do you remember life before the pandemic? It wasn’t all that long ago, but in many ways it seems like it was a different era. In reality, it was a different era and life will look a

How You Can Protect Your Money During the Pandemic

Thanks to the Covid-19 Pandemic, millions of people around the world are experiencing high levels of anxiety. Topping the list of things to stress about is money, which is no surprise since personal finances have

Start a Business During a Pandemic? Why Now Might Be The Best Time

Times of crisis create new problems that require solutions. Do you have the answers others are looking for? Like many people, you probably began 2020 filled with plans and optimism about the future. Then along


Are you tired of saying "no" when you really want to say yes to the things you truly desire in life?


If you were to retire today, which statement best describes your food budget:

Some form of canned tuna dailyKraft box dinner mealsSteak and lobster, whenever I wantI don't like to even think about this

Are you finally ready to take several vacations (with your family) without worrying about how to pay for it?


Do you find yourself saying "I can't afford to" to yourself, your spouse, or your kids , when you really want to say "heck yes"?