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9 Ways To Easily Increase Your Retirement Savings

Everyone wishes they had started saving for retirement sooner. If you’re in this situation, the only way to catch up is to save more. Saving for retirement doesn’t have to be painful or challenging. There

Queens Of Expansion: Empowering Women In Real Estate

It's been a busy couple of weeks for podcast and video interviews! I recently spoke with Queens of Expansion about how I got started in real estate investing, and shared some tips & tactics to

Investing In Rural Real Estate

Money & Relationships

Join me as I discuss with Lydia how money affects our relationship with people!

How To Find Investment Properties

One of the concerns that I hear from a lot of investors are that there are no great deals that hit the MLS. Here are a few ways that you can try and see if

How To Maximize Your Rents & Stay Out Of The Red!

While looking to rent out your rental home or suite, make sure that the place is extremely clean. You may also want to stage the home to give it that “at home” feeling. Tenants are

Don’t Wait For A New Year To Tackle Your Finances

Don't wait until New Year's Eve to set new financial goals. Take advantage of the last few weeks of the year to make a dent in debt and start saving. Here's how:   Assess your

The Secrets Of Resilience

  Does early hardship in life keep children from becoming successful adults? It's  an urgent question for parents and educators, who worry that children growing up in difficult circumstances will fail to reach their full

Caring For Your Elderly Parent’s Finances

  "I need help. It's my grandparents. They live alone and I don't know what to do. They won't move and they are making some really bad decisions with money. I feel helpless." That's what

3 Ways To Reduce Money Stress

One of the best ways to attack any problem in life is head on. Money is no different. You can't ignore your financial situation or the stress just gets worse. You must decide you have


Are you tired of saying "no" when you really want to say yes to the things you truly desire in life?


If you were to retire today, which statement best describes your food budget:

Some form of canned tuna dailyKraft box dinner mealsSteak and lobster, whenever I wantI don't like to even think about this

Are you finally ready to take several vacations (with your family) without worrying about how to pay for it?


Do you find yourself saying "I can't afford to" to yourself, your spouse, or your kids , when you really want to say "heck yes"?