The Whole Avocado is doing an online event from April 25th to May 20th. This event is all about “big picture wellness” and features many different speakers and topics.  Candice is speaking on April 30th and May 12th! SIGN UP NOW!


May 14th – 7 Weeks to Financial Freedom

Are you struggling with money and don’t ‘have it all together’?  Ready to make a move and learn about managing your finances, then this course is for you!  This course offers great information, accountability, worksheets and more.  Sign up today by sending me a message on Facebook or email


May 27th – Couples, Communication & Money

Communication is key in every relationship and money can be a touchy subject. Sign up and I will start the hard conversations for you! This course runs for 6 weeks and you’ll have all the great conversations you’ve been wanting to have with your partner. We’ll be talking about money personalities, retirement, wills & legacy and more! Sign up today by sending me a message on Facebook or email


Need a speaker for your next event?  Call Candice at 204-392-6406.

Candice also speaks at high schools.