It is becoming increasingly clear that men and women—at every intersection of the Smart Investing and Real Estate Investing for Financial Impact, and movement— are serving as trailblazers and practitioners for its advancement. However, we are also seeing there is a substantial void in investment communities when it comes to women participation. If you are ready to change this together, join our community. If you are already working towards these goals, congratulations. We also welcome you to our community. We appreciate you, keep up the hard work.


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A recent Calvert Investments report asserts that women, along with younger investors, will drive the growth of Impact Investing. In a study of affluent women, Calvert found that 95 percent ranked “helping others” and 90 percent ranked “environmental responsibility” as important. Women have also demonstrated that they often make purchasing decisions based on their personal values.

Surprisingly, only 4 percent said that they understood how to make investments that align with their values. 70 percent did not know about sustainable or responsible investing.

Are you feeling alarmed? If so, let’s lock arms and impact lives together. Let’s change the game. Let’s do it together, join our communities.

While business and investing continues to focus on boomers, this data shows the importance of ensuring that women are aware of Impact Investing strategies. Remember, their purchasing power and, therefore, their potential social impact power is enormous—women control 39 percent of investible assets in the U.S. That number will continue to rise, as 50 percent of private wealth in the U.S. will be in the hands of women by 2020. And, amongst that group, it’s worth keeping an eye on Generation X and Millennials set to inherit $41 trillion of wealth over the next 40 years, with a higher degree of millennial women who are educated and look to have decision making power (vs. their male counterparts).

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